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Buny Bio

Band members
Fetus - Bass
Stress - Vocals
Shag - Guitars / Vocals
Beeker - Drums
Sega - Guitars / Vocals


Originally from Winter Park, FL, Buny is a five-piece band that is all about The Groove. Don't let the name Buny fool you though, this band is quite opposite of a fluffy little animal. Rather the band gives its fans a hard-edged sound that is like no other. The band is continually growing and always offering their fans something new and exciting both musically and lyrically. This is definately a band to watch as they grow, and as time goes on they are only to become stronger and more distinct.

..........In a time where so much is placed on total entertainment, Buny does nothing but exceed those limits. While their debut album, Chasing Roadrunner, in itself is worthy of note, the entire band's stage presence is something extraordinary in its own right. On stage each member is in constant motion, and some can often be found in the mosh pits during songs! Guitarist, Shag, comments that "...when you're on stage as a band, you can't just stand there, you have to be visually appealing to gain the audience's respect." With Sega's advice that, "When you begin feeling tired that's when you have to kick in more effort."

..........Each member has an entirely different background in music which offers numerous views in their writing process. While many bands out there imitate their influences almost exactly, Buny takes each influence with a grain of salt, and a heapful of individual appeal. Nothing the band writes is kept if unliked by any. And while their influences range as wide as Death Metal, Classic Rock, Rap, Industrial Gothic, or even R&B, this band always agrees on the simple fact that you must feel the music. The groove is never sacrificed by this ensemble, as they always write music that 'feels good to play.' The resulting experience is a new twist to the genre, simply labeled, Death Groove.

..........The band's members are: Fetus - Bass, Stress - Vocals, Shag - Guitars / Vocals, Beeker - Drums, Sega - Guitars / Vocals.

..........Fetus - Low-End FREAKuency - This member offers the group a solid foundation on which to base their melodies. The heaviest parts of Buny's diversity are backed by this member. While other sections of their music are given a harmonistic quality by his creative bass lines. Where the average metal bassist doubles what the guitarist plays, Fetus goes out of his limitations and gives an equally important structure to the booming low end of each song.

..........Stress - Enraged Verbality - In his own right, he gives to the band a sense of anguish. His pain is felt by all who listen to his cries of suffering. This member gives the band a different aspect on the hard edge of life, because he gives his voice in such a hatred that none can go unraged after even just one listen. His lyrics are centered around something everyone can relate to, and that is the bitter truth of life.

..........Shag - Guitars / Vocals - His guitar riffs range from anything completly heavy to the very melodic and full of sorrow. He ties together the bass line and the high-pitched vibrations by Sega. But this memeber has an extra feature that is rare in heavy music... for he offers a harmonisitic voice in his singing. He favors diversity and tries to keep any of the songs from sounding too similar.

..........Beeker - Mad Beat Keeper - This is not your ordinary drummer. Beeker has been a percussionist for over five years, giving him a prowess in the aspect of rhythm. Yet this member is in constant change to better his technique, thus he is always creating a refinement of his already exceptional talent.

..........Sega - Eerie Sounds & Rhymes - Perhaps the most outlandish member of the band, Sega validates the hip-hop beats with his rap-intensive vocals. He also influences the musical content with his high-pitched, and effect-drenched melody lines. Full of creative ideas, and eccentric behavior, he fuels this quintet with inspiration to become bigger and better.

..........Together, these five musicians form something fresh and new to the scene. Originality is key to their existence, for they feel no need to mimic others who have layed a path before them...

they will carve it themselves.

They hold their own, without a helping hand.

Nonconformity, Strength to lead, and Individuality...

Be You, And Why?

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