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SYBREED sounds like nothing you've ever heard...literally. Unless of course you've heard a hybrid mix of Meshuggah, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo and Fear Factory, all taking place on a sonic landscape that reminds you of the Matrix ? complete with visceral screams of human suffering and the never ending madness taking place here on Planet Earth. SYBREED morphed itself into existence in the year 2003. There was once a band called RAIN who made records and toured with the likes of Napalm Death, Immortal, Dew-Scented, Grave Digger, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and others but they broke-up because there was a higher calling from the Gods of the Underworld. While tampering with the rituals put forth in the Egyptian book of spells, BEN, the one who sings, called forth from the ashes of what was once RAIN and there merged a new collective that can only be called SYBREED. When all four members first stood in front of each other in an empty war-torn warehouse in the industrial part of Switzerland it was clear that DROP, the one who plays guitar, would bring the light and then the vision. BURN would play the bass and provide the storm and ALEX would command the crushing, relentless hammer on Drums. Truth is stranger than fiction and SYBREED are as much like teenage super heroes as they are musicians. By day, they might be seen eating at McDonald's or even cavorting with humans, when night falls however, it's another story. Like a Phoenix, SYBREED transcends what we know as "normal" when they unleash their collective power through sound and lyric and literally become young gods on-stage. SYBREED paints a cold world where violence and brutality breed megalomaniacs and paranoid schizophrenics are the leaders of the apocalypse. The world they paint could be the one we live in now, science says it's possible. If it is, be sure that SYBREED will provide the siren spreading the word to the people that there is much to fight for and much to live for. Perhaps it's not too late for mankind, the oceans and the forests: perhaps what Sybreed seems to know so well can remain part of some other dimension. On September 7th, Reality entertainment will release SYBREED's debut album, "Slave Design" . The album was produced by DROP whose visions of the future have culminated into 10 auditory masterpieces. Like nothing before it, Slave Design is a sprawling epic journey into some of the most frightening, disturbing and distressing areas of human denial, while at times soothing the soul with melodies from another world. SYBREED is the next generation of Metal instead of Reality Entertainment considers ? a true innovator with an agenda not to conquer the world with its music but to save it. On tour this summer, SYBREED will co-headline the Harsh Reality Tour and so the legend begins ? Are you a slave?

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