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Insision Bio

Band members
Thomas - drums
Daniel - bass
Carl - vocals
Roger - guitar
Toob - guitar

Stoner/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Stockholm's Insision have had to battle the fact that the more brutal forms of Death Metal have been supressed in recent years, forced underground and ignored. Finally the tide is beginning to turn and Insision can proudly state that they have never deviated from their chosen path, and that perhaps their time is at hand.

Building on the reputation of some well distributed demos and also a MCD 'The Dead Live On', Insision signed to Wicked World in 2001 and quickly entered Berno Studios (where The Haunted concocted 'The Haunted Made Me Do It') to record their debut full length. The resulting album, 'Beneath the Folds of Flesh' is testament to the bands enduring belief in the music they play and the flat refusal to compromise the sound or presentation of the band. However, those expecting a simple gore-drenched exercise in brutality had better think again. Probing beneath the surface reveals Insision to be a more complex beast.

Clues appear in the song titles - 'My Fever', 'Trapped Within' and 'Impamiiz Graa' do not sound typical in a genre that usually relies on blood and guts to get its message across. The lyrics reveal inspirations from HP Lovecraft and Satanism, but also influences of a more personal nature from singer Carl Birath, covering inner demons and alter egos (the 'Impamiiz Graa' mentioned above) and personal duels with concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, freedom and oppression. A glance at the lyrical content shows that there is no ordinary mind at work here, and the knowledgeable treatment of the subject matters add more depth to the Insision mix.

Musically the band rely heavily on rhythmic structures and speed-fuelled tempos to deliver the message, choosing to grind through a variety of discordant patterns that are coiled around stop/start riffing. Aided and abetted in the studio by Deranged guitarist Johan Axelsson, the wall of sound is thick as smoke and just as suffocating, leaving little room for guitar wank from axemeister Roger Johansson, but with just enough air for the amazingly pinpoint drum work of Thomas Daun bludgeon its way through the mix. The likes of 'Sado God' and frenetic opener 'World Impaled' display Insision's best qualities, rampaging through blasts and pure death metal assaults like it's going out of fashion.

Which is what Insision have been battling since their inception - fashion. Nothing on 'Beneath the Folds of Flesh' is remotely fashionable, and yet the very fact that Insison wear their colours so plainly on their chests is the thing that makes them the Death Metal band best placed to banish the Scandinavian melodic movement into history and establish a new era where butality reigns supreme.

Having toured the UK twice in 2002, once as guests of Decapitated and then again with The Berzerker, rounding out the year with a special appearance at the Earache Xmas Party in Nottingham in December, with The Berzerker, Cult of Luna and Without Face in two. During 2003, the band hit Germany and played sveral domestic dates, finding time as well to complete their first video for 'My Fever'. All the while, the band had been writing new material.

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