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Betrayer Bio

Band members
Jeff Klingbeil
Bill Lozon
Norm Michaud
Shawn Bastien


Before the stream of steady shows across North America, before the momentum of a worldwide following of loyal fans, before Betrayer's metal takeover began – there were two strangers, united by the power of music.

Jeff Klingbeil (Lead vocals & guitars) and Shawn Bastien (Drums, percussion & back-up vocals) created the foundation upon which Betrayer stands. Meeting as both began to fully appreciate and comprehend their instruments; they created a strong bond musically. The duo of Klingbeil and Bastien would continue to hone their skills, rehearsing constantly, while searching for the missing pieces of their puzzle – fellow musicians with passion and dedication for music.

Norm Michaud (Bass & back-up vocals) entered the fold, creating a potent power trio. The band, then under the name of Swarm, would record a three-song demo. The following exposure would allow the band to perform live in several local venues. A year following the release of the Swarm demo, the band would record their first full-length demo, with a new vision and a new name – Betrayer.

The quick success of Betrayer's eight-track demo spread throughout the local scene and across several American states, Canadian provinces, and European nations. Bill Lozon (Guitars) would later join the band, giving them the desired full sound for both live performances and studio sessions. The addition of a secondary guitarist gave Betrayer the extra energy on stage as well as the layered harmonies and melodies that have brought them so much attention.

Betrayer's quartet would soon captivate numerous crowds – winning many competitions, being featured in local media, and collecting an impressive gathering of fans spawning the far reaches of the globe.

Having built upon their successes and strived for higher goals, Betrayer has utilized the capabilities of the Internet and savvy Web-based promotions to further their exposure to fans around the world. Boasting an interactive street team with hundreds of members and growing daily, Betrayer has support from nearly every continent and dozens upon dozens of countries, states, and provinces.

With such overwhelming support, Betrayer has continued to compile an impressive resume of high-marquee shows, opening for such heavyweight acts as Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio and Motorhead amongst others.

Into the unknown, Betrayer is focused and determined to realize their hopes and dreams. Uncompromising their values and integrity, maintaining their passion for the music, and remembering their roots and objectives are what drive these musicians as they prepare to take on the world with all they have to offer.

Trends are made to be broken... Revolution is destined to occur... Betrayer will succeed.

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