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Reasons for Eternity Bio

Reasons for Eternity
Band members
Stefan Manroth - Drums Nils Raschke - Vocals Volker Senkoswki - Guitars Wilko van Hoek - Vocals, Bass Christoph Zimmermann - Vocals, Guitar

Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Reasons for Eternity was founded in 2004 by a handful of young musicians. Two of them were Nils (vocalist) and Stefan (drums). After a few lineup changes and a steady progression in the musical field Metalcore / Death Metal View header finally found 2007, Volker (guitar) and 2008 Wilko (bass) in the band. On their last EP, "Prepare to Charge", which was completed in May 2008, Christopher played a second guitar, and joined in the melodious songs. In early 2009 he had to leave the band due to musical differences. Since June 2009 Reasons for Eternity are complete again. The new guy on guitar is Mitya! Reasons for Eternity musical form a balanced mix of brute metalcore and death metal.

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