heavy metal

Breech Bio

Band members
Jeff Martin - guitar
Kellen Mitchel - vocals
Tony Saborio - drums
Geoff Bruder - bass


Breech is a heavy style band that was formed around early 1998 by guitarist Jeff Martin, and later with vocalist Kellen Mitchell. The band has been playing shows since April of 1999, but the current line-up of the band, with Geoff Bruder on bass guitar and Tony Saborio on drums, has only been playing shows since November of 1999. Even though they are still young, Breech has almost as big of a fan base as most other local bands. The band is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (South Florida) and has a style that is of metal, alternative metal, and hard-core. They have been compared to Tool, Pantera, Staind, and Coal Chamber by others, but the members don't feel that these descriptions fit them well. Breech did a home 8-track recording of 3 songs ("Shangri-la," Charlie," and "Satellite") just to give people an idea of what they are about, but in June of 2000, Breech went into Studio 13 to record a their first debut CD. This CD, titled "Birth", is set to be released on July 20th and is a great example of the band at their finest. Breech is looking to bring something a little new and different into the South Florida local music scene with their heavy and original style (which they have been told by many).

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