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From a Second Story Window Bio

From a Second Story Window
Band members
Sean Vandegrift - vocals
Nick Huffman - drums
Joe Sudrovic - bass
Derek Vasconi - guitar
Rob Hileman - guitar


We are not sure where to begin regarding this exciting trip. i suppose we should start at the beginning.....its been 4 years and many changes but we have finally attained our goal of finding a musical voice and utilizing it to create noise. The five of us met through the usual routes of member changes and chance encounters in malls and shows. Months later, playing many local shows and doing several weekend long tours while going to school turned out to be difficult but fun. Also, We weren't quite sure how to take those first steps but when we did, it was a glimmer of what we sound like today. It sounds cliche but somewhere out of our lives together a passion was born for extremism and pushing ourselves to a very violent edge. Kids at shows say we resemble manic, chaotic bands of the past....and our live show is very spontaneous as well. We all tend to agree.

Being that some of us are from Ohio and PA, we call our place of existence "ohio-vania." We live right on the border of the aforementioned states...and there is nothing here. The towns we inhabit are hollowed out, old-steel mill towns long since forgotten. I think everyone in our band is so completely tired of living in such dreary establishments. Likewise, with nothing to do ever we listen to everything the underground scene has to offer and are pretty much tired of hearing the same boring, predictable songs over and over again....the only change being a different band playing the same breakdown or fast, hardcore part. With us, it's always been one basic idea. Simply put, we are trying to create music for attention-deficit people. Juxtaposed to this is our message of loneliness, isolation, forgetting about this world and dreaming of the next one. Perhaps you will connect to these worn themes that still seem relevant enough to discuss in this age of psychological oppression. Even if you don't, we hope our songs can be background music for your late 4 am moments, your long drives with friends on a friday night, or even just an escape after fights with parents or peers.

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