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Bleeding Through Bio

Bleeding Through
Band members
Brandan Schieppati - vocals
Marta - keyboards
Scott Danough - guitar
Derek Youngsma - drums
Brian Leppke - guitar
Ryan Wombacher - bass


In the winter of 1999 the hardcore scene in Orange County seemed to be in a rut. Too many bands doing the same brand of hardcore and lyrically not facing issues that most of the people in the scene struggled with everyday, such as depression and worthlessness. Built on the basis of revenge arose "Bleeding Through." The idea for Bleeding Through in the beginning came from three friends - Brandan Schieppati and Javier Van Huss (who at the time were both in Eighteen Visions) and long time friend Scott Danough. Together they teamed up with members of the band "Taken" to do a side project hardcore band in the vein of Hatebreed and Integrity. The band at the time was called "Breakneck." One show and a year later musical differences tore some members away from the band.

Still wanting to do the band, the remaining members realized that OC needed something different. The band started writing new material with a more metal feel and similarities to bands like "Cannibal Corpse" and "At The Gates" but all the while keeping a hardcore feel. The style seemed to click and with a new sound came a new name and a new goal. Bleeding Through's goal with the lyrics were to reach people on a more personal level, almost to be a guide to help rip your life from the past and rebuild yourself.

Finally in the summer of 1999 Bleeding Through was ready to play their first show, they were a last minute addition to an Eighteen Visions/Disembodied show at the Showcase Theater in Corona, CA. Fearing that people would not embrace the at the time unfamiliar sound, the band nonetheless got a great response and was welcomed with open arms. One year later the band added another unfamiliar aspect to the band when they added keyboards to the lineup. Finally having enough material the band recorded a full length for Prime Directive Records entitled "Dust to Ashes" in 2001.

The band did not play outside of Southern California very often because it was a part time thing and Brandan had obligations for Eighteen Visions, but the response locally was getting bigger and better. The band started receiving emails and letters from people all across the country that wanted to see them. So after a series of line up changes the band was steady enough to tour and with help from friends in Eighteen Visions and Throwdown the band stepped out of the door and hit the road. Seeing the response and welcome from people all over, Bleeding Through decided to go full time and in the summer of 2002 after recording "Portrait of the Goddess" for Indecision Records, the band set out for their first extended tour for the better part of seven months.

Shortly after Brandan parted ways with Eighteen Visions, the band solidified their line up as Brandan, Scott, Marta, Ryan, Brian and Derek. The band has plans to continue to tour their asses off and do anything necessary to have their music and message heard.

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