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Immemorial Bio

Band members
Tadra - guitar
Fizyk - drums
Karla - vocal
M³ody - guitar
Frost - bass


Immemorial was formed in June 1997 in Elblag. After one-year existence a
debut demo "Lus Primae Noctis" was recorded in "Selani"studio in Olsztyn (July/August 1998). It presents almost 40 minutes of music rooted in melodic death/black metal. The band also shot a video for the track "Betrothal With The Death". "Lus Primae Noctis" was approved by both the official and the underground press. Moreover one of the songs - "Betrothal..." was included in a collection CD "Blood To Come" vol.8 mag. Thrash'em All. Immemorial played life in numerous, highly acclaimed concerts with (among others): Trauma, Demise, Yattering, Mortis Dei, Non Opus Dei, Ad Noctum, Ash Devili. In December 2000, the band issued its first album "Monologue" ("Selani" studio, rel. by Conquer Records in 2001r.). It contains 40 minutes of an energetic and raw music, which is undoubtedly beyond all stylistic boundaries. The band shot a video for the track "A Nightmare". That song was included on a CD "Blood To Come" vol.14 mag. Thrash'em All.
In 2001 Immemorial played at Dying Art Open Fest. (Rusocin 24-25 September) where they were spotted by Conquer Records, and shortly after signed a recording contract. At the end of 2001 Marta Meger left the band due to personal problems, and she was replaced by Karolina Czertowicz. The band with New vocalist gave a couple of concerts in Poland and went on tour around Europe along with Yattering, Devilyn, Hell-born and Mess Age, where they were well received by Polish and foreign fans alike. In September 2002 new bassist - Frost (ex- Behemoth, Hefeystos, Sons of Serpent) joined the band. With new line-up the band has started working on new material - "After Deny" and gives concerts promoting "Monologue".

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