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Anaal Nathrakh was created for one purpose - to be the soundtrack for armageddon, the audial essence of evil, hatred and violence, the true spirit of necro taken to its musical extremes. It has never been subject to hype, never been a vehicle for personal promotion, and never claimed anything it couldn't deliver musically.

There were two demos, the first early 1999, the second in September of the same year. The demos were well received, and eventually Leviaphonic Records offered to package them both on one CD called 'Total Fucking Necro', resulting in sales of CDs to people all over the world, from Europe and America to South America, Asia and beyond. Underground radio airplay and some rave reviews followed, with people grasping the raw, violent feel that drove the music. Media opinions included praise such as 'When I played this CD I was just amazed! What's a mood! I have not felt such a thrill for a long time...' (Agonia), 'reminds me of a marriage of the best elements from Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone. Anaal Nathrakh is surely one of the best black metal bands to surface from England in recent years.' (Eternal Frost), '...very effective and highly devastating.' (Chronicles of Chaos).

The band have also been successful throughout the internet, reaching the top 5 in the Black Metal chart with a total of over 20,000 song downloads, and being asked to appear in mp3 form on With praise coming from no less than Mayhem themselves for their terryfying rendition of 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas', Anaal Nathrakh is surely a band to be taken seriosly.

A promo track recorded as a taster for their debut album was instantly accepted to appear on a compilation CD from well respected web-based zine Eternal Frost...

Finally the necrotic atom bomb dropped... Anaal Nathrakh set loose their debut album 'The Codex Necro' on cult UK underground label Mordgrimm. The list of accolades grew - Album Of The Month in Terrorizer magazine, along with a track on the cover mounted CD, 4/5 in Kerrang magazine along with a request for the band to appear in a full page article, voted best newcomer of 2001 by the readers of Terrorizer, plus #8 in the Albums Of The Year writers' poll. With new material that surpasses even the utter necro fury of 'The Codex Necro' soon to be finished, The age of true NECRO has arrived!

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