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Bloc Bio

Band members
J.D. - vocals
Twzst - bass
Kev - drums
Drew - tables
Sky - guitars
Tommy - guitars


Our goal... to create heavy music at it's finest. In early 2000, bLoc was formed as a brotherhood featuring members of previous Orlando based bands, DNS, NMV, Still Standing (Clearwater), and Torque (Daytona) have molded to form this unique style of music. bLoc is ready to take the world by storm.

Roll Call:

Enter J.D. Vocals. Former front freak voice of Torque, delivers power punch screams, flow capabilites, and an exceptional singing range. Years of experience as a vocalist has him finely tuned ready to blow the mind, sound, and stage.

Enter Twzst Bass. Former Still Standing bass player, Twzst's style is of such legends are made up of. Five strings, all fingers. Twzst certainly delivers maximum thrust in slap funk, and jazz, as well as power groove. So.... What Up?

Enter Kev Drums. Former drummer of DNS is not a stranger to popularity in drumming. This founding member of DNS has had many heads turn his way. His style of jazz, funk, and hardcore is not for the weak. Over thirteen years and two Billion miles played. Come Get Some!

Enter Drew Tables/Electrodes. Former club D.J. has crossed over to BLOC as the undertone, scratch, sample and cut composer, creating soundscapes of another dimension. Drew keeps the soul stimulated, and the mood set which makes him a key.

Enter Sky 7 string. Former guitar player of NMV is also not a stranger to the stage. His style of sound effects and eerie melodies is an asset. Sky has a style of playing that is unique to himself. Combining aspects of hardcore, punk rock, and reggae make Sky a vital part of bLoc.

Enter Tommy 7string. Former guitar player of DNS, Tommy has a presence all his own. He has earned his nickname (A.K.A. Chops)by his style of extremely fast picking and unbelievable energy on stage. Tommy is a sight to see.

They are all great talents as individuals. As a group they form bLoc the next generation of Orlando hard rock.

- Connections Magazine

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