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Serpent Obscene Bio

Serpent Obscene
Band members
Erik Tormentor - vocals
Nicklas Eriksson - guitar
Johan Thorngren - guitar
Rob Rocker - bass
Jonas Eriksson - drums


The members of the band had known each other for a while, but their first serious effort was December 1997's "Behold the Beginning" demo. Three days of recording yielded three tracks of intense Metal, but after the initial 300 tapes were gone, the band decided to head in a slightly different direction. Spurred on by reaction to the track "Violent Torture" from the "Behold…" cassette, the band quickly conceived their next demo, simply titled "Massacre". This new effort showcased the band's growing aggression and intensity and came to the attention of Necropolis Records, who, recognizing the power of the three tracks on the demo quickly snapped up the young band for three albums. The first fruit of this unholy alliance is Serpent Obscene's self-titled debut album, which mercilessly combines the finest elements of Death and Thrash Metal to create a harrowing collection of tunes that are delivered with enough crushing power and bloodthirsty sincerity to level a city block!

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