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Serberus, hailing from Denver Colorado, formed in 1999 with the intention of bringing something new to a stagnant American metal scene. Dave Otero and Ivan Alcala met and began writing songs, and added Corey Melanson shortly after. Taking influence from a wide variety of styles, Serberus meld thrash, Scandinavian death metal, black metal, and power metal and more to create something new and different.

Towards the end of 1999 Aaron Meacham was added on bass guitar and the "In Eternity" EP was recorded. This was released in early 2000 and was received well beyond all expectations in Colorado and all over the world. Serberus gigged heavily throughout Colorado and Wyoming gaining a rabid fanbase from their intense live shows. Towards the end of 2000, Serberus was featured in Metal Maniacs, Mosh Pit, Promethean Crusade, and Metal Rules! as well as in scores of other fanzines and webzines. The underground was listening.

When 2000 came to a close, it saw the departure of Aaron Meacham and Patrick Russell stepped up as the new bassist. With new blood in the fold, it was time for Serberus to release an infinitely more punishing album. The band had progressed a lot and in November 2000 they entered Hellion Studios to see what demons could be exercised this time around. The recording was slow, but the band was looking to achieve metal perfection. The end result, culminating in "Our Dying Grace," will see the light of day in early 2001. The sound is heavier, faster, and a good representation of the band. Serberus is booking a Midwest tour for late summer including an appearance at the Milwaukee Metalfest. Serberus will continue to strive to create new interesting metal that pushes the boundaries of the genre and the band. The story is only beginning….

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