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Opprobrium Bio

Band members
Francis M. Howard: Guitar/ Vocals
Moyses M. Howard: Drums
Luiz Carlos: Guitar
Andre Luiz: Bass


Built upon the reverance of speed and brutality, INCUBUS reared it's menacing head in 1986. Founded by brothers Francis M. Howard and Moyses M. Howard, the two relocated from their homeland of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to New Orleans, Louisiana. It wasn't long before the brothers recruited the bass skills of Scot W. Latour to form INCUBUS. By may of 1987, INCUBUS spewed forth their first demo, Supernatural Death (with Scot taking on all vocal duties).

At a time when the death metal underground circuit was officially beginning to flourish, the demo was an instant ear bleeder among scene demo traders. Bludgeoning their home state with endless gigs and constant exposure, it wasn't long before INCUBUS signed to Brutal Records. Serpent Temptation, the band's debut, hit streets in 1988. Released to the rest of the world through Metal Works, the now legendary master piece made an undeniably favorable impact among the metal scene world wide.

During their search for a new label to release the follow up to Serpent Temptation, Latour fled the band to pursue other interests. Bassist Mark Lavenia eventually filled the gap and Francis took over on vocals. The three bore and deafening sound of sickness. The band spent the rest of 1989 cultivating their sound to the peek of perfection and by 1990, newly formed Nuclear Blast Records added the band to their roster.

Answering to the name of Beyond the Unknown, INCUBUS' second effort was another slab of musical brilliance. Picking up where the extremities left off, the record was actually recorded as a two piece at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida when the band was still in need of a new bassist. Regardless of a lacking member, the record proved wholly explosive and lead to INCUBUS' first headlining European tour. The band was again well received and, obviously pumped by the surge of attention from their fans, quickly penned ten more tunes of mayhem for Nuclear Blast.

Produced and mixed by Harris Johns at Discover Digital Studios in Rio De Janeiro, the record was again created by the sole musical genius of the Howard brothers with Francis taking on all guitar, bass and vocal lines and Moyses concentrating on the drums. (Note: Luiz Carlos had already been recruited to the line up but was unable to learn all guitar parts in time for the recording). The outcome was nothing short of sheer metal brilliance INCUBUS has become known for.

During the recording session, the band joined forces with bassist Andre Luiz Oliveira thus completing the line up. Changing their name to OPPROBRIUM due to US pop-rock band of the same name, the band is set to ravage through 2000.

Feeling a new name gives them a fresh jolt into the new millennium, the band's latest Nuclear Blast creation answers to the name of Discerning Forces. Holding true to the foundation the band has set from their very inception, the record is a collection of ten crushing tunes to shred the soul. With Francis experimenting with a slightly more brutal vocal range and subtly melodic riffs, each song proves to be both malicious and breathtaking. Taking their song structures to a more mature level, Discerning Forces is the album that is sure to bring death metal fans world wide to their knees in bestial delight.

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