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Obituary Bio

Band members
John Tardy - Vocals
Allen West - Lead Guitar
Trevor Peres - Rhythm Guitar
Frank Watkins - Bass Guitar
Donald Tardy - Drums


Obituary was formed in Brandon, Florida in 1985. In the band's early days, vocalist John Tardy, guitarists Trevor Peres and Allen West, bassist David Tucker and drummer Donald Tardy, made up the band. Under the name Xecutioner, the band recorded a single and two tracks for Metal Massacre Compilations. They were forced to change the name because of another band of the same name. First Desecration was picked and then Obituary was finally chosen.

In 1989 the debut, Slowly We Rot came out on Roadrunner Records. West left for the band before the second albam, Cause of Death, was released and former Death guitarist James Murphy stepped in. Murphy's fellow ex- Death band mate, Frank Watkins, took over for Tucker on bass. West returned to the band for 1992's The End Complete, and 1994's World Demise. After a recording hiatus of about three years, the band returned with fury in it's 1997 Back From The Dead. Now the band has released it's first live disk, Dead in 1998.

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