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Band members
Maniac - Vocals Blasphemer - Guitars Necrobutcher - Bass Hellhammer - Drums


There can only be one true original. Getting their start in 1984, Norway's MAYHEM is single-handedly responsible for creating and fostering the global Black Metal scene. While founding member Euronymous was unceremoniously murdered by a jealous rival in the early 1990's (as exploited in a best-selling book), MAYHEM has continued on with the remaining original line-up to continually evolve and constantly challenge their listeners.

With each one of MAYHEM's albums already acknowledged as classics, the time has come for MAYHEM to once again demonstrate why they are leaders and not followers. GRAND DECLARATION OF WAR is nothing short of a masterpiece and is, perhaps, the finest example of growth ever exhibited within the genre. While the album still maintains their trademark cold, chaotic blasts, the band also expresses their grim worldview via the skillful use of industrial textures and electronic manipulation. The envelope has not been pushed, it has been completely destroyed! The planet's original Black Metal band has created the definitive Black Metal album for the year 2000.

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