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MAZE OF TORMENT formed out of the ashes of the band HARMONY, due to massive line-up and direction changes the band had experienced from 1992-95. MAZE OF TORMENT dedicated itself to creating intense Death/Thrash Metal with total disregard for all trends or caution. In May '95, MAZE OF TORMENT recorded for the first time and with their line-ups' first incarnation; Pehr Larsson - vocals and bass / Peter Karlsson - guitars and Kjell Enblom on drums. The three-track promo that was the result of these initial rumblings landed the band a deal with Germany's We Bite/Corrosion Records. A year later, the band's debut, "The Force" was complete, recorded at Unisound Studios in Sweden. Due to delays of every imaginable variety the release of "The Force" was delayed for an entire year after it's completion- leading the band to seek another label as quickly as possible. In March of '98 they re-entered the studio with a new contract with Tomas Nyqvist's Iron Fist Productions to record their first proper album, "Faster Disaster". By this time, Pehr Larsson had quit playing bass to focus on his vocals, and the band had recruited Peter Jansson to handle the four-string duties. The album received extremely positive critical response, even at a time when the word "Thrash" was becoming synonymous with "Cheesy Cash-in garbage", MAZE OF TORMENT's material was strong enough to win over even the staunchest critics. Despite the brilliant reaction that the album received, sales were disappointing due to a lack of distribution from Iron Fist. The band knew that they had to take the next step and find a label that would give their ferocious music the intense push that it deserved. After replacing vocalist Pehr with the formidable Erik Sahlstrom (also of SERPENT OBSCENE), and replacing bassist Peter Jansson with Kalle Sjodin, the band quickly inked a deal with Necropolis Records for "Death Strikes". After returning to Sweden's famed Sunlight Studios (Entombed, Dismember, The Hellacopters, etc.) the band emerged with a killing piece of molten

Metal insanity that will establish their rightful place among the most intense bands in the Death/Thrash Metal genre today.

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