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Kataklysm Bio

Band members
Maurizio Iacono, Vocals Jean-Francois Dagenais, Guitars Stephane Barbe, Bass Max Duhamel, Drums


1992 was the year when the KATAKLYSM rised, armed with only one goal: delivering the most punishing music ever created by combining melody and power into one devastating force!! ....And so they did.

It only took KATAKLYSM a 3 song demo titled "THE DEATH GATE CYCLE OF REINCARNATION" to gather recognition and a major/indie record deal with german label NUCLEAR BLAST.

In 1994 KATAKLYSM released it's 1st official worldwide release the now classic demo + bonus track THE ORB OF UNCREATION to form "THE MYSTICAL GATE OF REINCARNATION" EP. KATAKLYSM had forever established a new form of extreme music...NORTHERN HYPERBLAST!!
The critics worldwide agreed ....... KATAKLYSM are top contenders in the underground scene!

1995 the year the canadian hyperblasters released their 1st full length album "SORCERY" and proved that they are a force to be reckoned with their unmatchable lyrical approach and mystical trilogys, powerfull yet melodic guitar riffs, pounding distorted bass and uncompromising blast beats and drumming.
Soon after the release, the world got to experience the kataklysmic wrath live.... With their first euro. tour along side DEICIDE, CATHEDRAL, BRUTAL TRUTH, SINISTER, and FLESHCRAWL.

KATAKLYSM devastated everywhere they performed, such heavyness was never heard live before, KATAKLYSM quickly had a stronghold on theire europeen fanbase.
The sane scenario repeated itself in america U.S.A./CANADA/MEXICO (1st canadian band ever to tour mexico).

1996 KATAKLYSM released theire most technical and brutal release "TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE" acclaimed worldwide, the band released the killer video "THE AWAKENER" soon becoming the band's most popular track!
They followed their quest with theire 1st official headlining tour in america.

1997 KATAKLYSM parts ways with german label NUCLEAR BLAST because of unsolvable differences.

1998 KATAKLYSM gets signed by canadian label HYPNOTIC INTERNATIONAL and release theire most experimental album "VICTIMS OF THIS FALLEN WORLD" plunging into a more early hardcore and rawness feel... Nevertheless the album was well received and KATAKLYSM got theire top mark ever in METAL HAMMER 6/7. (The album was released only in canada and europe because of label distro. situation)

After 3 years absence from the europeen live scene KATAKLYSM embarked into a long awaited comeback and proved once again what pure power is all about. Even if the band was not headlining , they were performing encores!! Touring the old continent alongside VADER, FLESHCRAWL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DARK FUNERAL...etc.
KATAKLYSM also releases a limited "NORTHERN HYPERBLAST LIVE" CD in Germany and theire homeland Canada raw and uncut for the fans only!!

1999 contractual obligations fullfiled... KATAKLYSM leaves HYPNOTIC INTERNATIONAL. The band re-signed a multi album deal with former label NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS after solving theire past diifferences.

2000 KATAKLYSM is about to release theire 4th full length album entitled THE PROPHECY (Stigmata of the Immaculate).... This will be the band's most important and best release to date, already criticly acclaimed by the top american metal magazines as an underground masterpeice (METAL MANIACS, BWBK, PIT...) even before the album is released.
There are no words to describe this album, just sit down, press play and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY by the most devastating release of the millenium by NUCLEAR BLAST and the world's most brutal KATAKLYSM!!!!!

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