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Hollow Bio

Band members
Andreas Stoltz - vocals, guitar
Marcus Bigren - guitar
Thomas Nilsson - bass
Urban Wikstrom - drums


Just a few short years ago, Urban, Thomas and Andreas started playing together, forming the nucleus of what was initially known as Valkyrian. A couple of years later, Marcus, who in his teens had played with members of what later became MESHUGGAH, joined the band. The added vigor and vitality that a second guitarist brought to the band's song writing inspired them to record some demos and continue the touring they had been doing locally.

When the foursome decided to change the name to HOLLOW, it was by no means a trivial choice...Having decided taht the empty and "hollow" feeling that they had all felt prior to the band's inception was somehow filled by their music, the new name was more than appropriate.

With their debut full length, Modern Cathedral, fans of progressive metal will be please with the hints of vintage Rush, Fates Warning and Queensryche. If a healthy dose of melody and progressive guitar makes your heart flutter, HOLLOW just might be the cure for that emptiness that ails you.

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