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Fuck..I'm Dead Bio

Fuck..I'm Dead
Band members
jay - vocals
dave - guitar, drum machine, programming
tom - bass


Fuck...Im dead consists of Jay on Vox ,Dave on guitar,drum machine programming and Tom on Bass. Jay had recently played in such bands as Open wound (Vocals) and The Killl (Skinboxes) Dave and Tom had recently placed an extremely LARGE bullet in the steaming corpse of their previous two piece "band"Arseripper (Dave: Also skinboxes,Tom: the Hairy Banjo and Yodelling) This first show came after six weeks of intense rehearsing and songwriting during which time, amongst other things such as sweat, blood and testosterone the demo also emerged..Oh , and there may have been some beer as well.The demo was recorded by the notorious Atom, who is currently enslaved by the band in the capacity of a live engineer. Atom also operates the DR.666 at all their live performances. Obviously the owners of the arthouse were not in attendance at that first show (or any of the others for that matter) since they have been allowed to play there on several other occasions since then. A couple of other fine performances, mostly at the Arthouse, but occasionally at other places,were thrown to the ravenous wolves of the local scene, some of whom even appeared to enjoy seeing Fuck ...I"m Dead rip it up on stage (Obviously there must have been some BEER consumed by these punters also.)After the demo had been released for a while contact was made with the mighty Sanity's Dawn (HAIL!) and after much begging and unsightly grovelling on a certain bands behalf it was agreed to spit out a jointly created piece of that stuff that we all love so much, WAX. At this point the boys went into the studio to record the six epic masterpieces that appear on their side of the record. The previously lethal chunks of metal were tamed to bearable audio frequencies by Paul Morris at Sublime Studios. Thus it was that the split 7" was released on Dave's own mighty label, No Escape records, (previously Hear No Evil rec/distro). In 2001, the band's full length CD "Bring On The Dead" was released on Razorback Records and to date has received rave reviews from all over the world!

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