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Eden In Ruins Bio

Eden In Ruins
Band members
Todd Pope - guitars, vocals
Jon W. - guitars
Michael David - bass


Eden In Ruins, the band formed by guitarist/vocalist Todd Pope in early 2000, has actually had many incarnations dating back to 1990.

1990 marked the inception of Monument, formed by Pope under a name no one ever heard, and never well "it was that cheesy" states Pope. Later on in 1995 it became a joint effort between bassist Michoel Dovid, and Pope. one demo was recorded, Michoel Dovid, and Pope are in talks about either re-releaseing the demo, or re-recording it in the studio.

In 1996 another demo was recorded but was never released, it was simply titled 'Burden Of The World', the name came from a piece of artwork he desired a friend to paint for him, and his friend said "Well, why not call it 'Burden of the World'?", with that being said, the demo was titled just that. Unfortunately the artwork never got commissioned, and the demo never saw a release, but may be released eventually if fans want to hear it bad enough.

1997 marked a style turning point, Monument and their grindcore style took a backseat,and Pope decided it was time to "step out of the comfort zone" and try something different, the result was not only another recording, but also a name change. Human Urge was pressed in 1997 and released under the name Supplication, thoguh it is still in print, it is being pressed under the Eden In Ruins name.

Between early 1998 and late 1999 only two recordings were made. They were both songles and though were released, both had a very small pressing. The Second Death was the first single, and Sinkiller was the second single. The Second Death only saw about 50 promotional copies distributed, and Sinkiller was supposed to be a bonus track on the Human Urge Lp, but was never put on it, instead it was put on The Dead Skin Demos CD.

In late 1999 Pope got in contact with Michoel again and was determined to record an Lp people would either love or hate, though most of the album was recorded, alot of it remains unfinished, some tracks lack solos, others lacked vocals, and others were never even recorded.

May of 2000 marked the reissue of Human Urge, and the release of "Dead Skin Demos" an 8 song demo CD/cassette, not to mention 'Nine Times Eternity' ep, and the 'Atomic Crystal' Ep both of which were promotional only. There may also be another full length Lp released by Eden In Ruins later on this year, and once will not be like the others, it is a big step out of the "comfort zone" and into another area of music all together.

Eden In Ruins are not sellouts in this writers eyes, merely risk takers, they understand that not many people will like the next Lp, and some may not even like the current material, the fact of the matter is is in Eden In Ruins' mind, the only thing that matters above all is they have to like it first, if they don't, it will not be released. But that in itself is another story entirely.

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