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Disarray Bio

Band members
Chuck Bonnett - guitars/vocals
Tony Moseley - drummer
Joe 'Hooch' Dotson - bass


Although Nashville, Tennessee is known for being a country-music dominated city, there is a small heavy music scene with a variety of good bands. Perhaps the most well known band to ever emerge from the country stereotype is DISARRAY, whose death and hardcore-influenced thrash metal sound has gained enormous global recognition. This is due to the relentless work habits of founding member Chuck Bonnett, who has strived to create a name in the music world since the band's inception in the fall of 1993.

Throughout the past few years, DISARRAY has secured a large following in the international underground due to constant touring, magazine and fanzine press, college radio airplay, and extensive use of flyers. These various promotional tactics resulted in the combined distribution of nearly 6,000 copies of their debut CD "Widespread Human Disaster," the 1996 follow up CD "Bleed," and the 1997 live single "Spreading The Death Plague." A national tour in 1997 with MLA / Olympic recording artists Peace Sanctuary (their guitarist has since been in Skrew and is currently in Skinlab) and stunning performances at the 1995 and 1996 Philadelphia Music Conferences, 1996 NEA Extravaganza showcase, 1996 New Orleans Cutting Edge Music Conference, and the 1996 - 1998 Milwaukee Metalfests had helped to arouse the interest of ECLIPSE Records Corporation. These shows and many others put DISARRAY on the bill with numerous national acts including: Napalm Death, Skinlab, Crowbar, Pro-Pain, Meshuggah, Stuck Mojo, Anthrax, Life Of Agony, Earth Crisis, Sister Machine Gun, Obituary, Madball, Exodus, Broken Hope, GWAR, Death, Gravity Kills, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Six Feet Under, and many more.

The current DISARRAY lineup, consisting of vocalist / guitarist Chuck Bonnett, bassist Joe 'Hooch' Dotson, and drummer Tony Moseley have recorded a 13 song CD entitled "A Lesson In Respect". This long-awaited album from underground metal veterans DISARRAY is the long overdue answer to the world about what DISARRAY does best... combine the heaviest elements of hardcore, death and thrash-metal into tasty morsels of music that you will never forget.

The band will be playing clubs, touring nationally, and doing in-store as well as on-air appearances to support the album.

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