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Destruction Bio

Band members
Mike Sifringer - guitar
Sven Vormann - drums
Schmier - vocals, bass


They were Germany's answer to Metallica redefining the word "metal" as we once knew. Churning a bombastic flavor of relentless heaviness, DESTRUCTION are true veterans of the thrash-metal movement bludgeoning ears throughout Europe, South America and the US with a unique flare for guitar-driven mayhem. Transcending the confines of traditional extreme metal acts, DESTRUCTION thrive on absolute roughness. Distorted guitars, ravaging drum beats and bionic vocals to shred the insides, it was DESTRUCTION who stumbled upon a sound future bands could only hope to immitate. And as the story is told.......


- 1983: DESTRUCTION is founded in Weil Am Rhein, Germany with Tommy (drums), Mike (guitars) and Schmier (bass & vocals)

- 1984: DESTRUCTION sign their first contract with SPV Records and release of their first Mini-LP Sentence of Death

- 1985: DESTRUCTION embarks on first successful Euro-tour with metal titans, SLAYER. The band makes their first break appealing to the metal-underground masses

- 1985: Band releases the Infernal Overkill LP and appears on the now legendary World War III festival in Montreal, Canada reaping more fans with their devastating stage performance.

- 1986: DESTRUCTION officially establishes itself as Europe's leading thrash metal band, successful tours in Germany and other countries consistently follow.

- 1986: DESTRUCTION's sophomore LP, Eternal Devastation, surfaces yielding to a headlining tour of Europe with the support of Kreator and Rage.

- 1986/87: Drummer Tommy flees the band due to musical differences. Olly takes his place. Harry joins as a second guitar player.

- 1987: DESTRUCTION releases the Mad Butcher mini-LP.

- 1987/88: DESTRUCTION tour the US, South America and Southern Europe.

- 1988: Release From Agony, DESTRUCTION's 3rd full-length record hits shelves. The band distances itself from their original style with the influences of the new members running thick throughout the tunes.

- 1988/89: DESTRUCTION embarks on a European tour with Motorhead and play several festivals during the tour. Their Release From Agony LP leaves fans and press with mixed reactions.

- 1988/89: DESTRUCTION release a live LP entitled Live Without Sense, and a three month US tour follows.

- 1989: Singer/ Bass player Schmeir flees the band during the recording sessions of Cracked Brain.

- 1990: Cracked Brain is eventually released with guest singer Andre« (Poltergeist). The LP is received rather poorly.

- 1991: Mike and Olly continue to use the name DESTRUCTION with new band members.

- 1999: Coaxed by the demand from fans and press, former members Mike and Schmier reform DESTRUCTION together with Sven, their new drummer.

- 1999: DESTRUCTION demonstrate their comeback performing at the biggest German Heavy Metal Open Airs: Bang Your Head, With Full Force and Wacken!

- 2000: DESTRUCTION release All Hell Breaks Loose on Nuclear Blast Records.

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