heavy metal

McGalligog Bio

Band members
Phil Deegan - Vocals Matt O'Brien - Guitar Ollie Deegan - Backing vocals/guitar Darren Tully - Bass Daragh Kenny - Drums

Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

Started in 2006 by Ollie and Matt, original heavy metal ideas became more aggressive and geared toward what is on the new EP.

We have played in many venues all over Ireland, participated in battles, just trying to get our name out there. Since then we have continued to gig as much as possible. Upon releasing our first album "Powered by Death" we hope to gig overseas as much as we can.

If there is anything to be taken from this band, it’s this. There are many people in the world that will tell you you're wrong for liking a certain thing, or being a certain way. I'm not saying accept everyone, or anyone. We do not like greed in the world. We do not like society and its mask; our songs represent this. Also, some personal ideas: look behind the mask, read into things, never take what you see at face value.

And let metal live on forever!!

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