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December Wolves
Band members
Brian O'Blivion - GUITARS/BASS
T.VanDono - GUITAR


If pure, unadulterated rage fuelled by frustration is an emotion that plagues the lives of many, then December Wolves are surely the soundtrack to those days of clenched teeth and white knuckles... 'Completely Dehumanized' is certainly the noise you would expect from a band suffering an acute case of disillusionment and disgust. If you want gloss and pretence then look elsewhere - if you want to taste the sick, bile encrusted world where twisted reality reigns supreme, then join December Wolves for a lesson in dehumanization.

Spewing forth from the Boston area, Massachusetts in 1993, the band issued a solitary demo, 'Wolftread,' in '94, before releasing their debut ''Til Ten Years' through Hammerheart Records in 1996. Although the band worked hard in the US on the live circuit, they were still frustrated in their aim to produce a no-nonsense, full-on metal album. Repulsed by the growing trend of incorporating weak female vocals, acoustic guitars and amateur keyboards, December Wolves withdrew to concentrate on creating harsh, raw music that encompassed musical ability with an all out thrash attack.

Signing to Wicked World in 1997, the newly-confident December Wolves raised the unfortunate studio to the ground in the process of producing the new 'Completely Dehumanized' album. The basic aim was brutal enough; to unleash a sound that would rip the face from the listener, before repeatedly bludgeoning the unfortunate bastard with a sound so vicious that all that remained would be a writhing, bloody pulp. And that's before the lyrical stance took a hold.

To describe 'Completely Dehumanized' in terms of death metal, thrash metal or black metal is a pointless exercise. This is the sound of soul-raping, malevolent blackthrash for the year 2000. There is no point in trying to detect hidden subtleties as there aren't any - storm force tracks such as 'To Kill Without Emotion,' 'My Bible' and 'We Are Everywhere' land just on the right side of control, but throughout the record there's an uneasy feeling that pure hate might come exploding out of the speakers at any moment. Perversely, the band do weave dark melodies into the music, backed by a ridiculously tight rhythm section which blasts and thrashes with ultimate precision.

Lyrically the band stand alone. There are no tales of forests, trolls or childish Satanic fantasies. Instead, we are allowed inside the thoughts a crushed individual, all pretences dropped. When vocalist Devon rips through lines like "I try so fucking hard to avoid them/But I can smell their skin/Keep yourselves only to themselves/Don't ever, ever let me in" you know that December Wolves have enough of a problem dealing with reality without pretending to worship Satan.

Scary music made by scary people.

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