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What can you say about BRUJERIA that we don't already know? Or better yet, what do we actually know about these masked musicians from South-of-the-border? The name,"Brujeria," derives from the black magic used by some Mexican Drug dealers to inspire Fear in religious locals. It is said that these very same Satanic, murderous drug dealers came together to make the music on Brujerizmo, their own brand of 'machete metal' that is both original and brutal.

In September of 1990, a bizarre 7" single from an unknown independent record label hit the shelves in the United States. All songs were sung in the Spanish language, and the music was among the most extreme heard to date . It wasn't long before the distributor of the record began receiving orders of 50-100, to single individuals who were purchasing the discs and exporting them personally to Mexico, and other countries in Latin America.

Since Roadrunner Records made their dangerous deal with this murderous crew to release of their full length cds "Matando Gueros" in 1993 and "Raza Odiata" in 1995, BRUJERIA has emerged at the forefront of underground Latin music, and has become well known worldwide. SubCommandante Marcos even began wearing their t-shirts. In Jan.2000, the band enjoyed the #1 spot on Mexico's largest commercial station Radioactiva for three weeks.

BRUJERIA's success runs contrary to convention in the recording industry: they sold almost 25,000 records (Matando Gueros) worldwide in spite of their refusal to:


b)Use real names,

c)Take photos (without masking their identities),

d)Do interviews.

Many thought they had disappeared forever after Raza Odiada. But have Faith, Brujeria are back! No less angry, the band has lost none of its venom, spewing forth tirades on everything from AIDS to Castro. On their third Roadrunner release, Brujerizmo, they bombard you with 13 tracks of straight ahead aggression. While they remain an enigma, some say that BRUJERIA is made up of members from such metal stalwarts as Fear Factory, Napalm Death, Cradle of Filth, the late great Faith No More and Dimmu Borgir others believe it to be a creation of an underground political organization. Who knows what is true?

Regardless of who they are or what they stand for, Brujeria remains a true force of nature. The very nature of man that is; evil, angy and in your face!

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