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Bile Bio

Band members
R.H. Bear - bass
Jaymz Alexander - keyboards
Krztoff - lead vocals, guitar
Brett Pirozzi - backing vocals, guitars, bass fx
Von Vinhasa - drums


Bile is a band based on power. They understand that while we have little control of the world around us, we can still seize our immediate surroundings by commanding power. While most people cannot effect the state of the world, we can still rape, kill, maim, humiliate, and destroy, through our lack of regard for the rules we cannot change. This is the twisted, cynical, and almost absurdly sarcastic nature of Bile. The nine man entourage are realists to the core, they know that the world is coming to and end, they just want to be on top when it does...laughing.
Known to the New York club scene as industrial terrorists, Bile has shocked audiences with their brutal assault of heavy industrial music, tempered with grind-core noise and aggression. Their early self-produced demos led to work with members of KMFDM, Die Warzau, and Pigface, which helped Bile to define their own sound. The music is angry and combines the power of technology with a sick twisted vision that could be nothing short of human. If you can imagine a dark collage of sex, hatred, and disgust, supported by a visual showcase of pure brutality, you're on the way to capturing the Bile experience.

SUCKPUMP, to the members of Bile, is a way to describe abusiveness brought to extremities. One can never get enough of a bad thing, even negativity, according to the troop's Mastermind. After listening to "I Reject", "Feelin' Like Shit", "Get Out", and the rest of SUCKPUMP, true understanding of the viscous aggression these Kings of Pessimism proclaim will become crystal clear.

Bile's cybernetic fury was captured by NYC industrial/techno masters DJ Slave and Void, with the assistance of the group's Mastermind, at Music Palace studio in Long Island.
The most extreme band ever to come out of New York, armed with a total lack of respect for all that you hold dear, Bile will watch the industrial music scene burn...laughing. And for you, there will be no escape from the terrorism, a post-nuclear blast of sight and sound piercing much deeper than the skin. Bile's impact is unforgettable, once you've become exposed to the tales of pain and decadence, you're scarred for life. Remember, no matter how brutal, angry, vile, or disturbing this band may seem......

There's a little Bile in all of us!!

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