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Anal Cunt Bio

Anal Cunt
Band members
Seth Putnam - vocals
Josh Martin- guitar
Nate Linehan - drums


A.C. began in March, 1988 in Boston, Massachusetts with the lineup of: Seth Putnam (vocals), Mike Mahan (guitar), and Tim Morse (drums). A.C. formed with the intention of playing one show and recording one demo. Unfortunately for music lovers everywhere, A.C. ended up doing much more. The original lineup recorded three full length seven inches (88 song EP, 5,643 song EP, Another EP) and two split 7 inches. In support of these releases, A.C. played all around the US and did a European tour in April, 1990. A.C. broke up after the European tour, only to resurface in March, 1991 with a new guitarist. A.C. toured again, gaining a reputation for destroying clubs and running before the cops showed up. During this period, A.C. released a slew of singles and compilation tracks, most notably the live Breakin' the Law EP (which featured the Tampa police) and the Unplugged EP, ( the first acoustic record by a noisecore band). As various guitarists popped in and out of the band, A.C. released their first CD, Morbid Florist on Relapse records in 1993, and promptly got signed to Earache records. A.C. has released four CDs on Earache: Everyone Should Be Killed (1994), Top 40 Hits (1995), 40 More Reasons To Hate Us (1996) and I Like It When You Die (1997). A fifth Earache release It Only Gets Worse, is scheduled for release in late 1998.

Shortly after recording 40 More Reasons To Hate Us, Seth kicked out Tim (drums) and nerd/geek Scott Hull (guitar) and recruited Josh Martin on guitar. It took months to find a new drummer. One day during this percussionless period, Seth was listening to his favorite band, Buskin and Batteau while watering his garden before he had to leave for his volunteer job at a local animal shelter. Seth realized that the sensitive artist inside of him was longing to come out and be free. With A.C.'s extremely violent reputation, people had no idea what a loving, caring, sensitive young man he was. Seth had just recently recorded a demo with his side band, Pathetic. One of the songs on the Pathetic demo was "Waterfall Wishes." (which has been re-recorded for the Picnic of Love CD) Seth told Josh that since they didn't have a drummer yet anyway, he'd like to record a bunch of sensitive folk songs. So "Sensitive Seth" and "Gentle Josh" wrote and recorded the original six song Picnic of Love demo in April, 1996.

A.C. got a new drummer (Nate Linehan) and went on tour in the fall of 1996. One night after tearing out the air conditioner, smashing all the stage lights with a crutch and attempting to throw a table through all the bottles on the bar, A.C. stayed at promoter Tom Bowker's house. After calming down about the thousands of dollars of damage Seth inflicted on the club, Tom mentioned that he wanted to start a record label. Seth played Tom the Picnic of Love demo, and Tom's heart was so touched and moved that he wanted to put out a whole CD of this joyful sound. So A.C. finished destroying every other club on the rest of the tour. Drummer Nate quit the band two days after the tour ( he rejoined in April, 1997), so Seth and Josh were free to write more sensitive classics.

In December 1997, Seth and Josh went to Spindrift studios. located in the calm,peaceful, beautiful woods of North Guilliford, Connecticut and recorded the 11 songs that comprise the Picnic of Love CD. With Picnic of Love, the listener gets a rare glimpse at the sensitive side of Anal Cunt, which is especially important since their next CD on Earache, It Just Gets Worse, is undoubtedly the most offensive thing ever recorded. So lie back with a loved one, uncork a bottle of fine wine, dim the lights and enjoy Picnic of Love.

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