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Abscess Bio

Band members
Chris Riefert - drums, vocals
Danny Corralles - guitar
Clint Bower - guitar
Joe - bass

Death Metal/Punk

Abscess: Excreted from the putrid bowels of Death Metal legends AUTOPSY, ABSCESS has been making the world a little sicker since 1996, with their "Crawled Up From the Sewer" and "R.S.B.N." (Raw Sick Brutal Noise) demos. These demos captured a rawer and more punk edge to the AUTOPSY alumni's patented Death Metal sound. Abscess quickly secured their place as one of the filthiest live acts in Metal history, with outrageos stage antics including blood-splattering, instrument destruction, self-flagellation, and any other depravity that popped into the twisted minds of these sick freaks! After recording two albums and an EP, "Urine Junkies", "Seminal Vampires and Maggot Men", and the 7" "Throbbing Black Werebeast" for Relapse, these filthy bastards (Chris Riefert- Drums/Vox, Danny Corralles- Guitar, Clint Bower- Guitar, and Joe- Bass) were contacted by French maniac Laurent, of Listenable Records, who was suitably impressed with the band's 1999 demo. The album that resulted from this hideous and unnatural union, "Tormented", was just too repugnant for Deathvomit/Necropolis Records to resist. Look out for this grotesque abomination of Death Metal, Sludge, and Punk to be unleashed like an ebola outbreak in early 2001!

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