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Abominant Bio

Band members
Mike May - Bass
Timmie Ball - Vocals
Craig Netto - Drums
Buck Weidman - Guitar


ABOMINANT was formed in June of 1993 when 3 of Kentucky's most promising Death Metal acts broke up simultaniously. Mike May (Bass) and Timmie Ball (Guitar) of high speed death masters Sarcoma, got together with Craig Netto (Drums) and Buck Weidman (Guitar) of atmoshperic wonders Effigy, to start a new band that would bring the best elements from each previous outfit and combine them with a dark heaviness to create some of the most vicious and evil Death Metal ever to emerge from Kentucky. Immediately, the band began writing originals and soon were ready to record. With Timmie on vocals, ABOMINANT entered Polaris Studio in January of 1994 and recorded 5 songs which was to be released as the second half of a split CD. With fellow Kentuckians Cataclysm. Unfortunately, Cataclysm split about a month later and the CD never came out. The recording was released in limited quantities under the title "Abominant Promo '94" and mainly used just to get the name out. Soon after, Buck decided to quit the band to join the air force and raise a family, thus ABOMINANT continued as a trio. A few months later ABOMINAT asked former Cataclysm vocalist Mike Barnes if he would fill in on vocals for a local show, and Mike accepted. With no previous experience with ABOMINANT, Mike went through 7 songs flawlessly, and vastly improved both their sound and stage presence. From then on, Mike was a permanant member of ABOMINANT. The band continued writing songs and playing a few shows until finally in November 1994, ABOMINANT re-entered Polaris studio to their first official demo. "Never Truly Dead" was the demos title and it included 4 songs of pure underground Death Metal. Some comparisons to bands like Gorguts, Sinister, and even Deicide were brought up, but with Mikes' undeniably original vocals, ABOMINANT carved their own path through the underground and established themselves as one of the best unsigned bands in the world. The demo eventually sold over 800 copies and got them high praise in vertually all of the underground metal publications (Metal Maniacs, S.O.D., The Requiem, Pit, Aardshock, Ill-Literature, Subversive Agenda, etc.) it also raised the attention of the Michigan based Arctic Circle Records, who they signed with for the release of a 6 song mini CD. In May of 1995 ABOMINANT ventured to New Power Studio to record the afforementioned CD and produced even more original and darkder sounding material which further defined their original sound. Over the next few months ABOMINANT played a few shows promoting both the demo and forthcoming CD. The CD's release date was scheduled for a Halloween release and just 2 weeks before that date, Arctic Circle closed it's doors, declared bankruptcy, and disappeared. ABOMINANT continued playing shows including the INTERNATIONAL METALFEST in November with IMMOLATION, GORGUTS, ANCIENT, and others and tried working with other labels for the release. A few labels showed interest like Massacre, Dark Serene, and Pulverizer, but they decided to go with Wild Rags in May of 1996. Not content with a mini-CD. Both Wild Rags and ABOMINANT agreed to record a few more songs and release it as a full length, so in June of 1996 ABOMINANT entered Ramcat Studio and did 3 new songs that surpassed all of their previous efforts. The CD, entitled "Unspeakable Horrors" will finally see the light of day on October 31, 1996, exactly 1 year to the day of it's original release date! This CD is destined to be one of the heaviest releases of the year! Wild Rags will also be releasing ABOMINANTS' classic demo "Never Truly Dead" on CD5 format in early 1997. Presently, ABOMINANT are preparing to record again in December for another release which will showcase the bands talent even further. The new material is even darker, colder and heavier than anything heard yet and each song goes further into the swirling abyss that is ABOMINANT!!! The best is yet to come from this young band and let it be known that while trends come and go, ABOMINANT shall remain playing True, Dark, Underground Death Metal forever!!!!!!

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