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Kill By Inches Bio

Kill By Inches
Band members
Steev - drums
Pete - guitar, vocals
Kev - bass, vocals


KILL BY INCHES, the groove-core mutation from New York City has been assaulting the local scene since 1993. From their ambitious metal beginnings of "IN THE FLESH," on to their full length hardcore infected "THE PLAYGROUND," the band stomped up and down the tri-state area promoting their special brand of aggressive music.

Stalled by member changes, KBI struggled through releases of the thrashy "DYING MIND/SICK OF IT" and the highly acclaimed hardcore/rap/jazz infusion "DOWN TO 3HREE."

But with the addition of frontman/guitarist Pete Siriannni in early 2001, original members Kev and Steev Papa have finally found their groove. In less than six months they've put together an impressive set list of hard hitting songs. This new disc, that you hold in your hand, the wall of guitars, the crushing groove, the harsh raps and ripping vocals, are just a sample of the unique sound that is KBI. From the radio ready "MAN WITH NO COUNTRY," to the future rap-core classic "BOMB THE CITY," this band has got the talent and drive to rise above the underground.

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