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Scars Of Tomorrow
Band members
Mike Milford - Vocals Carlos Garcia - Guitar Robert Bradley - Bass Dave Rodriguez - Guitar Chris Warner - Drums


Emerging from the depths of Southern California's now notorious metalcore scene like a bat out of hell, Scars Of Tomorrow are back with their follow up to 2004's Rope Tied To The Trigger. Their latest effort to take over all things heavy, titled The Horror Of Realization, deals with many an issue, ranging anywhere from haunting self-discovery to quasi-political matters to various personal apprehensions. "The horror of realization is basically realizing what surrounds you. A lot of times people don‘t want to believe what‘s there and want to forget about it, but the reality of the world can‘t be avoided", said vocalist Mike Milford.

Mike, Carlos, David, Chris, and Bob started Scars Of Tomorrow in October of 2000 with many common goals, one of them being to create a sound that reflected their love of east coast hardcore and the familiar sound of the California scene that they all had been a part of for so long. Scars Of Tomorrow released two full lengths via Thorp Records and released their Victory debut in February of 2002, called Rope Tied To The Trigger.

For Scars Of Tomorrow, these past three years they've spent on Victory Records have been tremendously successful. The band has toured the United States and Canada numerous times over with bands like Atreyu, Norma Jean, and Himsa, which built them a rock solid and unstoppably loyal fan base. Features and reviews were seen in AMP, Alternative Press, Revolver, Skratch, Metal Maniacs, and their video could be seen every weekend on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball, forging the band to the front lines of all things ferocious and to thousands of shopping carts. Alternative Press commented: "Scars will leave the scene better than they found it…." The metal and hardcore world is more than prepared and anticipating the new chaos from Scars Of Tomorrow.

The Horror Of Realization issues a battle cry for every heavy music scene to wake up and experience the pulverizing melodies and enlightening lyrics that Scars Of Tomorrow has to offer. Vocalist Mike Milford said, "This record differs from the last in a bunch of different ways. It's more upbeat, has a faster tempo, and the guitar work is a lot more versatile on this record. Lyrically, a lot more emotion was piled into it as well. People blind themselves and try to believe everything is perfect when it's not. This is something that needs to be shoved in their faces and hopefully they help make a difference." The Horror Of Realization also shows Scars Of Tomorrow switching gears a bit and experimenting with ambient noise tracks, catching different emotions and mirroring some situations and events from the band's past.

Produced by Matt Bayles whose fame has come from working with Mastodon, Isis, Pearl Jam and more, The Horror Of Realization also features a guest appearance by Atreyu frontman Alex Varkatzas on the track called "The Hidden Grudge". Mike commented on his pairing with Alex: "Alex has always been a close friend and one of the few bands around home that have ever believed in us. Atreyu has done nothing but show us love and help us out with everything possible. I was really excited when Alex agreed to do it."

Suddenly the hot spot of Southern California has gotten hotter with Scars Of Tomorrow's latest and greatest effort of hardcore savagery, metal ferocity, and luxuriant atmospheric sensibility. A full scale US tour with labelmates Bury Your Dead will commence this fall and will solidify The Horror Of Realization in headbanging history. Be sure to check out Scars Of Tomorrow's controversially brutal new video for "The Constant Horror Of Reality", shot by Dave Brodsky (All That Remains, The Red Chord).

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