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Fordirelifesake formed in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan on October31, 1999, as a side project band for members of locally successful bands, Mycomplex (headhunter/cargo), Bottomed Out (filthy stinkin'), and Resound. As those bands began to slow down, Fordirelifesake gained momentum and immediately took over as the full time band for each member. They began playing many shows around their home town and quickly became an immediate sensation. In August of 2000 Fordirelifesake went to Woodshed Studio in Oak Park, Michigan to record their debut CD/EP. They released the CD themselves and played many shows in support of it. They played locally with bands like, Poison The Well, Walls of Jericho, the Suicide Machines, New Found Glory, Waterdown, Blue Skies Burning, Grade, and Keepsake. Each time gaining more and more local fans, and selling more and more merchandise. They also began playing many weekend shows out of state to gain a following in surrounding areas like Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, and Windsor Ontario. To capitalize on the success of their CD/EP, they went back into Woodshed Studio to record three new songs to be released on a split CD with fellow Michigan band, Wafflehouse*. This recording caught the eye of Forge Again Records ( After short negotiations, the CD was released on Forge Again. Once again the band hit the road in support of their record, going back to the same places they had earlier created a fan base in, and now gaining even more support. They also traveled down the east coast to Florida and back, and were given a very warm reception. Playing with bands like Sky Came Falling, Fairweather, and Thursday helped them to be seen by large crowds and brought them more fans. At the end of their tour, their split CD had sold extremely well, and their CD/EP, almost out of stock, was ready to be repressed. Forge Again Records was among a few who wanted the record. Pleased with their earlier work, the band decided to allow Forge Again to repress their CD/EP. As of right now the music is being re-mixed and re-mastered and the art work is being discussed. During this time, Fordirelifesake began writing and arranging material for a full length record. The band was approached by Michigan label, Cloud Over Head Records ( The band and the label shared many of the same views, and it was decided after a few conversations, that COH Records would release the new album. Once again the band went back into Woodshed Studios, but this time to record 8 new songs, and a new version of a song which had appeared on their first CD/EP. Everything went as planned, and the band and label were both very happy with the end result. The new album "breathing in is only half the function" was release in mid-February and did very well from the start, climbing to number 8 on the lumber jack top sellers chart. The band then hit the road for a week with Canadian friends, Boys Night Out(One Day Savior Recordings/Ferret Records) as a short initial tour for the record. Sometime in the midst of all this, European label, Skipworth Records, found Fordirelifesake. Skipworth expressed an interest in releasing the new full length in Europe, and the band was intrigued. Soon the detail were negotiated and the materials were being sent off to the plant. The Skipworth release hits stores July 1st, 2002. Fordirelifesake is planning a possible 2-3 week European tour in October, and then a 2-3 month tour starting March 2003. As far as U.S. touring goes, Fordirelifesake will be heading out the first week of July and coming home at the end of August, playing many shows with Boys Night Out, Stillwell, Wafflehouse*, and others. The band plans to tour as much as they possibly can for this record, and not sit idle for too long.

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