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How It Ends is a band that was created in 2001. We decided to carefully form a new band of talented musicians and success-minded individuals. We wanted our sound to be a more aggressive, powerful style with an emphasis on catchy songwriting and a harder sounding vocal style. After a year of searching and auditioning we finally succeeded in forming our new band.

We recorded a three song demo and started playing shows. The disk has gotten better reviews than we ever could have hoped for and our audiences have been much bigger than any new band should have. Although we consider our three song demo to be a good representation of our band, we also feel that a new band's first recording can only be improved upon. Now with our full length cd "so Shall It Be" coming out soon on Thorp Records, we have nothing but the best hopes for it's sucess. Our newer songs demonstrate a vocal style with greater range as Ross had only been singing for one month when we recorded the three song demo. We also feel that the music has improved in that we now have faster songs and slower songs than what was presented on the demo. How It Ends is currently being played on XM radio as a featured artist and is heard daily in the nationwide radio's regular rotation.

We are able to draw a wide variety of people to our shows, from hardcore kids to metal fans to some punk fans. We have established good connections across the country for touring and promotion. We are completely self sufficient when we tour, we have a brand new van that is big enough for us all to sleep in.

For the future we plan a full US tour, and possibly European and Asian tour. We are already writing for the next album which will be a huge step forward in our songwiriting skills.

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