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Killrape Bio

Band members
Rodson Lemos - bass and vocal Nilmon Filho - lead guitar João Paulo - rhythm guitar Turko - drums

Thrash/Death Metal

The Thrash Metal band from Rio de Janeiro, Killrape, released the second album entitled "Corrosive Legion" with 11 tracks. The new line-up has performed featuring Turko, on drums and João Paulo on rhythm guitar, keeping the founder members and brothers, Nilmon Filho on lead guitar and Rodson Lemos on bass and vocal. This new album features fast songs like "The Art of Killing", "Orgy of the Gods" and "Die" along with heavier tunes such as "Cursed Beliefs" and "Enter the Mist". The art cover is once more by the Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes (Morbid Angel, Arch Enemy). "Corrosive Legion" is available on iTunes and Amazon. "If you wanna listen to the full album first, go to the Killrape's official myspace page", invites Nilmon Filho.

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