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Trench Coat Yuppies Bio

Trench Coat Yuppies
Band members
Trench - guitar, vocals
Ratta-Tat-Tat - drums
Dr. Brown - bass


Mediocrity rules the world, except on TV

That is where it all began, in front of the Television. Watching a new terror spread across America. A terror specifically targeting the elite upper crust of corporate America.

At that very moment a ladybug was flying through my window. I have not seen as many ladybugs as there was this year? It seems like the city is infested with tiny spying ladybugs. Who do they report back too? The ladybug landed on my arm. I was powerless. I sat there and let him bite me. Then everything became crystal clear. I haven't taken my eyes off the television since that moment.

Trench and Muhammad Singh (songwriter) formed "Trench Coat Yuppies" on Sept 11 / 2001 in a Mississauga basement. Within 6 months all the songs that would later make up the This Is Next... album were written.

In July 2002 Trench (Guitar & Vocals) along with fellow Trench Coat Yuppies, Ratta-Tat-Tat (Drums), and Dr. Brown (Bass) would enter the studio to record their first album, This Is Next.... This Is Next… was released with little fanfare on Aug 7, 2002. This Is Next... is the story of "So Brown" and his hatred of the free world. It follows him through his childhood beliefs until the bitter end.

Their post 9/11 ("Brown Scare Revolution") sound did not go unnoticed. On Nov 8,2002 CFRB radio host John Oakley played Trench Coat Yuppies first single "CNN," and it was a big hit! Since then, Trench Coat Yuppies have received radio coverage, magazine and newspaper media and played to capacity crowds in Toronto.

Currently Trench Coat Yuppies are getting ready to do another studio recording, and go on tour . This story is far from over...

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