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The Deafening Bio

The Deafening
Band members
Coco Caine (vox) Eddie Animal (guitar) Blackie Doyle (bass) marco Payne (drums)

hard rock

Let us not indulge the petty infantile Rock and Roll fantasies of the fanboy hipster chic geeks who blindly adore such infantile indulgences. For real bare bones rock is rarely pretty and never, ever hip.
With that said...
The Deafening is New York to it's core. A ferocious four piece born of the city's eternal energy. A raw tribute to it's defiant crush. With blues beating back and rough punk ethos, The Deafening are the natural heirs to the Bowery's big bad seventies sound.
With wild man Eddie Animal on guitar, Blackie Doyle on bass, Marco Payne whipping back the skins, and Coco Caine wailing her little black heart out, this four piece seeks to return to rock it's dirty sexy city heart.
If rock is dead then bury this group with it. For a wise man once said that "forever beneath it's loud bombast, true rock soul never dies, it only grows forever wise." Reborn in The Deafening, this hard hyperbole meets it's match.

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