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Reverend H Chronicles
Band members
Reverend H - Vocals Candice Kiser - Guitars KC Demolition Daniels - Bass Kris Freeman - Drums


Reverend H Chronicles is an industrial metal band originally created in Hollywood California while signing with Dyskfunctional Records LLC. The band now known as RHC for short name has progressed in the music industry having toured from west coast to east coast and more. The band consist of Reverend H, Candice Kiser, KC Demolition Daniels, and Kris Freeman. RHC or Reverend H Chronicles music was originally written and recorded for the purpose of exposing the real world for what it really is, versus TV made reality that everyone lives in. RHC’s first album was titled “Little Scars and Torn Back Flesh” written and performed by Reverend H, with the help of producer engineer Tracy Walker (CEO) of Dyskfunctional Records LLC. This album is about the emotional break down of Reverend H’s life experiences. The second album “Overspun By Sin” is an album based upon drug use and schizophrenia. Which had strongly affected Rev’s life. It was written and performed by Reverend H, with the help of Tracy Walker. The third album “The Awakening” was an empty vessel. The lingering after effect of what comes of human being when they had been over used. The awakening is the last straw, the breaking point when one has gave up humanity to become the monster created by the cause. This album written and performed by Reverend H with the help of Tracy Walker. The fourth and fifth album. “Redone in Secrecy” was a quiet release, very few songs of this album were heard by anyone other than die hard true fans which received them for free. The 6th album “Deformation” Reverend H at the extreme breaking point in retaliation against the controllers of the world. Deformation has two sides of it, one being the studio cut compact disk. The other being the LIVE version of it all. This album is when Reverend H Chronicles truly became RHC!. Deformation tracks “Daughter” was released to RockBand (video game). “One Step Denial” caused the rise of an army of followers that understand and/or have been done the same way Rev had been done to get to this point. After the release of Deformation, the new live band prevailed, touring again in support of their music being on RockBand. They took all of their sponsors and supporters everywhere they went, putting a new standard to how musicians should work together with each other, other bands, and with the venues. RHC have been known to help each and every band they play with, from promotion, setting up, and the band has also stepped off the stage in mid set to allow another band the time to play. RHC has always picked up after the club when leaving, they’re usually the first ones there, and the last to leave. The Upcoming release “United Filth of America” is the album that will open the eyes of many. With recent track released early titled “PUSH” it has caught a lot of attention. The album exposes the corrupt and unjust persons in the world which hold a badge over us all. The filth that we had all been taught to confide in and trust turns out to be the wolves in sheep’s clothing. This album is currently being recorded while the band is touring, performing some of these unheard songs.

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