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Kaddisfly Bio

Band members
aaron tollefson
chris ruff
beau kuther
kile brewer


"And stories will end as stories begin, and tables can turn and they always will." - incense & ambiguity.

The tables turned in the spring of 2001 for the four members of kaddisfly, the day they first converged in a chicken coupe in Eugene, Oregon and began an evening long jam session of hypnotic melodies. Immediately apparent that there was something special in the air, the four members of kaddisfly fused and a new bug was born. Congruent with most bands, each individual member had come from a previous musical project, though none of which held the promise or the excitement that kaddisfly encompassed. Aaron Tollefson (guitar), and Chris Ruff (vocals), had played together since high school, and by combining the elements of Kile Brewer (bass) and Beau Kuther (drums), the entity that is kaddisfly was put into life. Shortly after their conception, kaddisfly made the move to nearby Portland, Oregon for a change of scene, and by the fall of 2001 the band had enough musical groundwork laid to record their first EP.

Entitled honorable mention, their first effort was adequately mixed and produced, but rough around the edges. Though the recording would break kaddisfly's wallet, honorable mention would prove to be a valuable asset in furthering the band's musical career. From their shows, to their apparel, to their stickers, and their crowd, kaddisfly began working diligently on spreading the work that they had put so much love into creating. Combined with relentless touring around the northwest and promoting in every spare moment, the EP would help spread the kaddisfly bug throughout the west coast and the internet, recruiting new fans as far as Germany, Spain, and even Japan. Honorable Mention, though youthful in nature, displayed something unseen in many of today's modern acts - the defining characteristic of exceptional songwriting. Aided by the internet, kaddisfly's music soon began penetrating many online magazines and reaching music lovers who were longing something different, and something more from music than simply a popular song.

One year into their existence, kaddisfly had built an impressive resume and reputation, touring the west coast and playing showcases for 101.1 KUFO and 94.7 NRK in Portland. With the track late night car crash in periodic rotation at 94.7 NRK, and numerous campus radio stations supporting kaddisfly throughout the nation, the band hit the road, performing various dates in the western United States, including showcases in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Currently kaddisfly is distributing their new, independently released four song demo; a re-mastered compilation of recordings since March of 2002. A continuation of honorable mention, the new demo promises to make an impact on the underground music community and establish kaddisfly as an entity capable of an epic career, spanning all borders and shattering all trends.

From Beau's technically precise and methodically constructed beats, to Kile's uniquely melodic bass style, to Aaron's meticulous guitar work, to Chris's heart felt voice and lyrics, the members of kaddisfly are all highly schooled musicians. Aside from their exceptional musicianship, through lyrical content kaddisfly has made an impact that has touched many people - an impact that has manifested itself though the outpouring of emails and incredible crowd response the band has received. Kaddisfly's theory of composing pieces of art with an intention to change lives in a positive manner is a fact that makes the band special and may well set them apart from any modern trends. Following self imposed guidelines and straying away from popular convention, kaddisfly's message renders itself in the form of skillfully crafted poetry, with boundless intrinsic meaning. Thoughtful words spoken out of love leave a far greater impact than those spoken for the sake of running at the mouth, and as kaddisfly has taught and reinforced, "since talk is cheap, when people speak, they should first place much more worth with empathy than words." - lower case letter.

While some bands play to be famous, kaddisfly plays to be heard and to be felt. For kaddisfly to set their goals so high as to make a positive change in the world is not far fetched, but is rather a testament to the naïve ambition that a band must possess in order to make such an impact. Every piece of art that has made a difference in someone's life was born of one dream and one love, and kaddisfly exposes that love from every angle. As the band believes, more can be accomplished through emotional music than through a lifetime of action, though the words must be honest, and the melodies must be timeless. As kaddisfly has learned thus far in their existence, there is no diagram for the composition of a song. In music there is no perfection, but through music thrives beauty, expressed far beyond the boundaries of a chord or the confinement of a measure. In the coming years kaddisfly's creativity will grow and their flame will remain lit, as their music expands along with a positive legacy that will no doubt be left standing long after the physical band is gone.

"When the earth is flooded we must not turn away, more than a kind remembrance we have to leave a flame." - lower case letter.

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