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Infestus Bio

Band members
Andras (Moloc) - All instruments, vocals

black metal

INFESTUS was formed up in 2003, when DUNKELFRONT became a piece of the past due to the leaving of Azhag, who therewith closed the chapter after having released 2 demos.

So far INFESTUS created a demo, the debut a split CD (published by Fullmoon Funeral Productions) and the second full length album (published by Debemur Morti Productions), which were all recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves.

Since the beginning of 2006 INFESTUS consists of Andras and Dagon. Harbarth left the formation owing to a lack of time and devotion.

Some successful live appearances were attended, first without and later with a session bassist. For the future INFESTUS will only play selected shows with intent to keep this ritual away from becoming consuetude!

New material is written constantly. The following release is planned for midyear 2010.

INFESTUS dissociate from any political ideas, all fraternities and other unnecessary coalitions!

INFESTUS solely render homage to everlasting darkness, the perfection of nocturnal forests and all types of mental depravities!!!

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