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Miasmyr (Paul Marsh)

black metal

MOON's descent into the occult is an unhinging and breaking down of the self to open the inner mind. Its representation of spirits and daemons are keys to unlocking gateways of the psyche; they eliminate meaning and structure of the rational mind so to free the self to be brought into the infinite realm of darkness. This takes place in the Astral Nightside and Regnum Spiritus (the spirit world). Much like in dreams, a breaking of continuity and hyper-association is found in the music.

Influences are taken from workings with well-known grimoires such as The Goetia and the Necronomicon and more contemporary works such as those by Ea Koetting and Michael W. Ford. The music is to serve as guided imagery for astral projection; much of the content is either an astral journey or ritual. Forest Samhain is one such ritual which takes place on the day of and in the place of its title; this is a ritual of necromancy and darkness.

The full-length title Caduceus Chalice is a reference to masculine and feminine symbolism which is used in numerous areas of the occult. They are used as such in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and in Goetic Witchcraft. The chalice also represents introspection and the Astral Nightside; the song "Chalice" is one such journey into its abysmal depths.

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