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Band members
Russ Anderson - Vocals Steve Smyth - Guitars Craig Locicero - Guitars Matt Camacho - Bass Mark Hernandez - Drums


Throughout the years Forbidden has had many great players contributing to the music. In 2008 we came together for the first time in 12 years for a short re-union tour that included Russ Anderson on vocals, Craig Locicero and Glen Alvalais on guitar, Matt Camacho on bass, Mark Hernandez and the Great Gene Hoglan on drums. Even Paul Bostaph sat in for three shows. Of course we will never forget all of the amazing work that Tim Calvert and Steve Jacobs brought to the table even though they could not be a part of this re-union. Everyone was equally invaluable through out the History of Forbidden, though the core of the band on every record has always been Russ, Matt and Craig.

After the shows were completed in 2008, four of us were motivated and inspired enough to start working together closely and create music once again. A conscious decision was made to continue moving forward and write a new Forbidden album, our first in 13 years! After many conversations and soul searching we decided on the following line up to accomplish this...

We would like to proudly announce that the line up for this album and all of our up coming shows are, Russ Anderson, Craig Locicero, Steve Smyth, Matt Camacho, and Mark Hernandez. That being said, the re-union is now over and the future of Forbidden has begun. Mark and Steve are officially members of Forbidden!

We are extremely excited about Steve Smyth joining us for our newest chapter! Steve has been jamming and writing with us already and is a perfect compliment to the new material. The chemistry between the five of us has been a real inspiration, Steve is just the fresh blood we needed to carry out such an endeavor. Yes, the new material will be what you would want and expect with more then a few surprises. It will absolutely be Forbidden.... Evil and Twisted!!!

Not far down the road, new music will do our talking.

Steve Smyth: “I am very happy to have been invited to join Forbidden! Having been a long time fan of the band, it's great to have been presented the opportunity to perform with them, like at the Thrash of the Titans show in 2001. I look forward to touring in the near future with Craig, Matt, Russ and Mark, and also to have a hand in the creation of a new album with such a talented and creative bunch of individuals. Let’s tear it up!”

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