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A Road Eternal Bio

A Road Eternal
Band members
Brian Hamrick-vox David Phillips-guitar Chris Singleton-bass guitar Chris Peavy-drums Drew Farmer-guitar

melodic death metal
death metal

What started as an idea in a hot little garage in Sharon S.C in mid summer 2004, became a monster of a band known as A Road Eternal. With accomplishments ranging from sharing the stage with local legends and dear friends Chop Top, Black Ritual, Merzah, Skinkage and others, to opening for national acts such as Mobile Deathcamp, Green Jelly, Joe Buck, Misery Index, Fuck The Facts and many more. With break neck speeds and complex rhythms, this band became a force to be reckoned with!
It all started when like minded musicians David Phillips, Chris Peavy, Brian Hamrick, Wes Sparks and Eric Hamrick decided to form a band with their own interpretation of music with roots from various styles of metal, this band is far from being labeled as " just another metal band"!
With several lineup changes and the ability to not burn bridges, the band finally brandished their own style without stepping on toes or copying other's styles in the scene. At the time new comers Tony Rohrbough( from W.V's own Byzantine) and Chris Singleton, would help them further the complex and polished sound which is now known as A Road Eternal or as friends would call them" A.R.E". With the mastering help of Jeremy Langford of Track 312 Studios, A.R.E self produced a very powerful and very original self titled E.P that demands everyones attention old and young!
Even now, with the departure of Tony and new comer Drew Farmer, this band is a fine tuned, well oiled machine, hitting on ALL cylinders. This band will be making waves in the scene for a long time coming, but you don't have to take my word for it! Just check them out and witness the beauty and brutality that is called A Road Eternal!

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