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Band members
Scott Anderson - Vocals, Guitar Callum Kirk - Lead Guitar Gordon Johnston - Drums John Clark Paterson - Bass

melodic death metal
death metal
black metal
melodic black metal

Formed in Scotland in 2003, Glasgow based Achren's brand of metal is crushingly heavy and uncompromising. Filled with raw and razor sharp riffs, death metal growls, black metal screams, and pounding drums they create a unique and commandeering sound which over the course of their first two demos and subsequent releases have forged the term 'Blood Metal.'

Since the line-up solidified they have sought to build a reputation as one of the most sought after and feared bands in the UK today, to great live critical acclaim and have managed to build a steady fanbase throughout the country along the way.

Having shared stages with the likes of Morbid Angel, Destruction, Devildriver, Onslaught and Dismember to name but a few, Achren have augmented their growing reputation in the UK metal scene, and through positive reviews, national press coverage with the likes of Metal Hammer and Zero Tolerance, and some hard work managed their first tour in Scandinavia in 2007.

Their next move saw the production of the single 'Blood Soaked Banner' by esteemed metal producer Dave Chang, and accompanied by playlists on the likes of Totalrock, a Terrorizer magazine cover-mount CD appearance, a live BBC session, widely regarded as a first in their genre and the radio station, and a gruelling and relentless UK promotional schedule, they furthered their reputation as a leading dark in the underground UK metal scene.

Having spent 2009 working on their debut album, and managing to find the time to tour under the Northern Brutality moniker, the band consisting of Scott Anderson – Vocals, Guitar, Callum Kirk – Lead Guitar, Gordon Johnston – Drum and John Clark Paterson – Bass, as well as providing high profile supports to the likes of Vader, Sabbat, Chthonic and Hecate Enthroned, recently performed at the UK's premier independent metal festival 'Bloodstock-Open-Air,' A DVD of their full 'Bloodstock Open Air 2010' set is due for release in January 2011.

As a result of this performance the band have now been chosen, through the Metal 2 the Masses band initiative, to perform at 'Wacken-Open-Air' in 2011.

Work is now complete on the debut, as yet untitled album set for a spring release and the band are currently confirming further 2011 festival appearances and selected dates in time for the album release.

Achren look forward to the prospect of spreading their aural brutality to countless thousands and terrorizing the rest into faithful submission.

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The futures dark, The futures Achren.

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