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General Bastard
Band members
General Bastard Guitar Vocals Pvt Nick the Dick Bass Sgt. Six Pack Drums

punk metal

Hailed by many as one of the greatest guitarists of our era General Bastard and his band mates have wowed audiences
all across the United States with their blend of Surf Thrash.

Often accompanied by burlesque dancers on stage The General amazes audiences with his guitar acrobats playing songs,
solos over the neck of his guitar and displaying an ability to play one handed solos using only his pickhand tapping
on the fretboard with his fingers.

General Bastard also shows a diverse range of influences with songs ranging from Punk & metal to straight up surf music that would make
Dick Dale himself proud and a knack for covering televison theme songs such as Laverne & Shirley, King of the Hill
and many others. He also wrote music for (Thankskilling Theme) and starred in the cult hit horror movie Thankskilling.

General Bastard songs are also filled with humour that hasn't been seen since the likes of Frank Zappa.
Metal Maniacs magazine said this about General Bastard "Combining hilarious thought provoking original material alongside your
favorite TV themes songs like Laverne & Shirley & Gilligans Island among others. The General will have you laughing and singing along all night long!
He's not politically correct, he hates sissy rockers Like Scott Stapp & Creed, He sings about how "Emo Must Die" and
"Simon Cowell is Fucking With Me" and other tender nuggets like "I Hope You Have a Heart Attack & Fucking Die".
Part Big Time Wrestler, Part Bastardized General, Part Professional Pervert The General says the things we're all
thinking, but are too afraid to talk about just in case big brother is scantering about."

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