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Tetzel - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Dirk - Lead Guitar Phil - Bass Balrogh - Drums

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Good evening Metalheads
Asenblut many months it was quiet in the house. However, we were neither idle nor are we disappeared from the scene. So then this phase of sleep is just the proverbial those before the storm!
Now, as our 3rd birthday is coming up, there are some reasons to "report back". We were, as I said, and do not idle here once summed up the past few months to report the current status and future plans!
First of all we would like to thank all the fans, promoters and musicians with whom we have had in recent months as much fun and great gigs. In particular, are sure our friends from the Summer Nights Open Air, led by Eddie Pesch, the Riedfest to mention all the crew and supporters of the mini-tour in autumn. Without you, the concert certainly would not have been as memorable. We hope that we could offer visitors good shows and you have brought the orderly movement of the neck.
However, there is also reason to apologize. Sorry, we can, for various reasons, not all of the announced fall tour dates of the play. For all of you who would like to see us in one form or another location, it does us, of course, sorry. We are committed to future performances in areas where we could play yet so far!
So we come to the state of things. We used this summer and we are concerned with in detail song writing, to present to you on time for our anniversary in early November to new material! The recordings for our new demo is almost complete. There will be so by us for you, so to speak, as a birthday gift to our fans, 3 fresh songs. What will it cost? Nothing! We will be offering the tracks on our MySpace page and website for free download! They will make you mouth ever watery, so that you get an appetite for our upcoming album.
We go with the new demo label search and hope for the "2nd album" find a partner who Asenblut support every effort and can offer the necessary presentation platform.
In addition to the demo release, we often sit together, of course, to forge and anvil and forge more songs for the second release. You can be sure that you back a healthy mix hardest steel is presented Asenblut with a good deal!
We draw the bow to the future and the future plans. As already mentioned, the calm before the storm is almost over. The pagan festival storm is coming! At 11:12:10 it is again very, very windy in the Factory to Magdeburg. The lineup, the entry fee and all other kind of relevant info can be found on the homepage. We're delighted to many visitors. In addition, a week is later, on 18.12 Mulfingen place in the "Boar on the Rocks". There we will make up for our summer sadly missed BoarStream presence and rock in the south of the country properly!
On Thu 18:11 to 22:15, we will present our demo in the city of Göttingen Radio, the broadcast "Brain Drain" live. We will also give me an interview. You can listen to the FM region in Göttingen under 107.01 or via live stream on www.stadtradio
For next year we have a whole bouquet of dark plans, in which we will dedicate to you naturally and gradually. Sun posts ever appearances on the "heirs Wickies Festival in Leipzig, as well as the great" Barth Metal Open Air, "on which we of course are already looking into the house. We are also of course, present us to apply diligently at festivals and to organize some club gigs. So if you are of opinion, "With me around the corner, because the guys have to play it!" then just send us an email!
Stay tuned and stay tuned in the coming weeks, eyes and ears. The new songs are of course announced as widely as possible and disseminated. We look forward to your feedback and the next hot concerts.

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