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Halls Tainted Red
Band members
LeGrand Haughton - Guitar, Vocals, Drum programming


Halls Tainted Red (HTR) is a one-man band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that started in 2005. Fronted by LeGrand Haughton, who composes songs in Technical Death Metal stylings. This genre of music is best recognized by its brutal sound and high technical skill required of musicians who play.
Halls Tainted Red's music is written and performed exclusively by LeGrand. A drum machine handles the percussive and bass sections of the music, while LeGrand plays the guitar and sings. The music combines highly technical aspects of the death metal gerne : blast beats on drums, death growl vocals, and fast alternate picking on the guitar. In the summer of 2009 LeGrand played shows to promote the release of HTRs debut album, Mind of a Gentlemen. One of which was played at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
LeGrand started off with other members but he finally got tired of relying on other people and their lack of practice. He started writing all the tracks on Fruity loops and hit the studio. In the months following the first EP, LeGrand purchased a drum machine and started writing all of HTRs guitar parts and rhythm sections. This resulted in highly technical guitar and drum work. Finally LeGrand decided to also write lyrics for his guitar and drum compositions and work on screaming techniques. With a selection of songs finalized by winter 2009, LeGrand began the first Mind of a Gentlemen recording sessions. A handful of songs were finished, but the sessions were put on hold. LeGrand's father had passed away. By the time summer 2010 hit a few more polished songs had been written. After touring the summer in promotion of the up coming album debut,Following his performances in New York and Allentown, LeGrand went into the studio once more to finish the Mind of a Gentlemen sessions. New tracks were added and finishing touches were made to the album which is to be releashed soon in spring of 2011.

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