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..NAHURAK - Among the Pawnee, the generalized name given to animal-spirits who lived in five houses: Pahuk (the most important), Nakiskat, Tsurapako, Kitsawitsak, and Pahua (the least important).

Encyclopedia Mythica. Ed. Micha F. Lindemans.
09 Jan. 2005

Sometimes sheer will and determination constitute the birth of creativity. This fact is well known to the members of Oklahoma City’s NAHURAK. The group was forged in February of 2008 when Brian Carrigan (former EXITIUM) Nickittus Fatticus (former KOBRA KOMMANDER) and Shane Fallon (SEPTIC DEVOURMENT) decided that they wanted to play an eclectic brand of extreme music without the limitations of other extreme subgenres. Brian and Nick had been jamming together for about seven months with little luck of finding a percussionist because of the small size of the metal community around the OKC metroplex. In spite of feeling discouraged, they pushed on and ended up finding a drummer in February of ‘08 with Shane Fallon. The three immediately started rehearsing the material it had and things started to come together rather quickly. June of '09 seen the departure of Shane from NAHURAK. The band is currently in the midst of searching for a new drummer.

The group forges its collective influences of grind, death metal and black metal into its songwriting to create a hybrid of brutality that maintains
the cohesion which is often sonically missing from other subgenres of
extreme metal. The lyrics are metaphorically rich and intertwine interpersonal subjective observations with a broader prospective of social commentary in an attempt to have the listener integrate his/her own unique experiences into the listening process.

NAHURAK are slated to begin recording their first E.P. in May of 2009. Tracking and mixing will once again be handled by the group's guitar player, Brian Carrigan.

The Hatework demo was recorded, mixed and mastered by the group’s guitarist
Brian Carrigan in the middle of July of 2008.

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