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Caliber 666 Bio

Caliber 666
Band members
Peter Pettersson - Battery Jim Riggo - Bass Tony Riggo - Guitar Tomas Burgman - Guitar Joakim Mikiver - Vocals

death metal

The embryo of what was to become Caliber 666 came to being one late winter night in 2005. When batterist Peter under chaotic and strange circumstances received a yelling from guitarist Tony. After which he was asked to join the two guitarists Tony and Tomas band. The three members struggled on making slow progress rehearsing occasionally for just over a year. When in spring 2007 something happened. Bassist Jim and vocalist Joakim asked to join Caliber 666 since their former death metal outfit Prosperity was now defunct. With the complete lineup things started happening. Standing firmly in the soil of the old classic Swedish death metal scene and adding only the best elements of the newer scene. Caliber 666 is a force to be reckoned with.

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