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Band members
Jouni Rantanen - vocals Eero Koivu - guitar Miska Rautiainen - guitar Helend Jantsikene - bass Mika Rautiainen - drums

hard rock

"Are you tired of the narrow-minded and often impersonal music we are being force fed every day?"

"Would you like to hear something genuine and special in these hollow times of superficial recycled entertainment?"

chILL's music can be described as some kind of "controlled chaos", where catchy rock blends seamlessly into modern metal. Grungy vocals and monster metal riffs mixed with plenty of catchy hooks and beautiful melodies will keep you coming back for more. Lyrics tell real stories of life, death, love, betrayal, hate, violence, addiction and alienation in a world that seems more and more chaotic every day. Man's compulsive need to destroy himself and everything surrounding him never seizes to amuse.

"In Your Spine" is chILL's new 2-song promo mixed by Miitri Aaltonen (MOKOMA, STAM1NA, VIIKATE, KOTITEOLLISUUS...). The release is promoting chILL's forthcoming album and giving everyone a little heads up of what's to come. "In Your Spine" is released through a fairly new finnish indie record label TWISTED ENTERTAINMENT. The label's first release was chILL's widely disputed debut album "controlled chaos" in 2008. chILL continues to divide people's opinions with "In Your Spine" by mixing catchy, grunge driven rock with modern metal in a very distinct way, that will surely be disputed by many but dismissed by none. The lyrics deal with loss of someone close and the release is dedicated to a dear, deceased friend of the band's. One of the reasons why the release was decided to be distributed freely. From the first of February the songs and original artwork of "In Your Spine" are available for download FREE at the band's website @ In February 2010 the band starts doing shows again with a band (among others) called SAASTA. SAASTA plays finnish grunge influenced rock acoustically with guitar and keyboards. SAASTA is recording it's first EP "Harmaaseen Hukkumassa", which will also be released through TWISTED ENTERTAINMENT.

chILL is something entirely different... Hate it or love it, just try to keep an open mind.

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